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Kinaresa till Kantonmässan, Guangzhou-mässan. Mässan är Kinas största handelsmässa och näst intill ett måste för de som vill importera eller exportera produkter av det allra senaste och göra affärer med Kina. Mässans officiella namn är China Import and Export Fair. Guangzhou-mässan Nr 131 och 132 genomförs år 2022.

30 Bilder från Kinaresa till Kantonmässan och Peking:

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Ord från några besökare på Kantonmässan:

Best Fair I have visited
Well catered and professional. You can find anything and everything
but it will take you more than 1 day to do so, for sure. Make sure you have good walking shoes with you, a trolley to carry your folders around and enough drinking water. There is a metro station nearby which is very crowded but very inexpensive and really easy to use. You do not need a translator, almost everyone in there talks english, so do not waste your money on the offers in the entrance. if you want to save some money and weight while traveling just bring a pdf file with your business card on it and print them there. I paid 70 yuan for 500 cards full color both sides printed and a glossy finishing for my logo.”

“The best fair
I been in many exhibitions in the world and belive this is the best one in terms of it’s size and it’s huge facilities. I highly recommend this place to visit. ”

“10 times visited and I am hier again!
”I visit Canton Fair since 10 years. It is the most important fair exhibition China’s and one of the most important in the world.
Very big, many different items, you will need good shoes and a good and quite hotel.
Don’t forget to take a trolley bag with you and to have some food and a bottle of water with you.”

Är Kantonmässan värd pengarna?

Is it worth spending money on a trip to attend exhibition? In recent years, there has been no lack of ”B2B Online will replace all” and the like. People all over the world access the Internet and more, to raise such questions and then normal.
By the survey of very many guests who participated in the Canton Fair we are sure to tell you it is worth to spend money to spend time to attend the real exhibition show for the following reasons.
As a matter of fact, the majority of manufacturers all over the world, they are not very skilled use of the Internet promotion. Their latest products would be starting at the real exhibition shows, when appear on the internet, is basically a year latter; There are many industries can not be described and communicated through the internet, it must personally feel and touch, the Internet and then a detailed description of the content, can not make a business decision.
The the manufactures attend exhibition will very costly to spend time to spend energy, from the frequency of exhibitors and booth size and the quality of field personnel, especially model quality. Professionals are able to deduce a lot of information from the details in the exhibition; And vice versa, let’s imagine the communication costs if manufacturers spend money to make a website to sell products, received at least 99% of the intention information is noise, screening costs are too high; For example, Canton Fair is the highest threshold of one of the exhibition, mainland residents to try to attend more difficult than applying for a US visa, will you receive any spam? The exhibition is also a chance for the world to know you personally. As we know, making friends is an important part of doing business success.
The Internet can reduce communication costs, but also make more screening costs increase, the more the need to show companies and buyers to show the strength and sincerity. So, spending some money and time to masquerade the show is worth it.


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